Galaxy distribution and extreme value statistics

best20By Tibor Antal, Francesco Sylos Labini, Nikolay L. Vasilyev, Yurij V. Baryshev,

Europhysics Letters, 88, 59001 (p1-p6) (2009) 

We consider the conditional galaxy density around each galaxy, and study its fluctuations in the newest samples of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7. Over a large range of scales, both the average conditional density and its variance show a nontrivial scaling behavior, which resembles to criticality. The density depends, for 10 < r < 80 Mpc/h, only weakly (logarithmically) on the system size. Correspondingly, we find that the density fluctuations follow the Gumbel distribution of extreme value statistics. This distribution is clearly distinguishable from a Gaussian distribution, which would arise for a homogeneous spatial galaxy configuration. We also point out similarities between the galaxy distribution and critical systems of statistical physics.


(download it from the arXives)

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