PRE Editor’s suggetion: “Formation of disks with long-lived spiral arms from violent gravitational dynamics”

Formation of disks with long-lived spiral arms from violent
gravitational dynamics

by Francesco Sylos Labini, Luis Diego Pinto, and Roberto

Dear Dr. Sylos-Labini,

We are pleased to inform you that your paper has been selected by the
editors of Physical Review E to be an Editors’ Suggestion.

As a service to both our readers and authors, we are listing a small
number of Physical Review E papers that the editors and referees find
of particular interest, importance, or clarity. These Editors’
Suggestion papers are listed prominently on and
marked with a special icon in the print and online Tables of Contents
and in online searches.

See for a list of the most recently
published Editors’ Suggestions.  A list of all published Editors’
Suggestions can be obtained via a search of our journal content

Congratulations and thank you for submitting your paper to Physical Review E.

Yours sincerely,

Ronald Dickman
Associate Editor
Physical Review E

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