HOMO SCIENTIFICUS EUROPAEUS Seeking a sustainable future for European Science

Seeking a sustainable future for European Science
Friday, 8 November 2013, at 12:30
Ateneu Barcelonès, C/Canuda, 6 Barcelona
Meeting Room “Oriol Bohigas”
“European Science is dead: long live European Science!” This provocative slogan
might be adequate to describe the current situation of European research. The
lingering crisis has stricken science’s investment and human resources in several
countries, and even the European research budget. Cuts have hit hard, especially
countries from southern Europe. However, science is definitely the way out from
the recession. It will help Europe maintain its position as a global cultural
reference, generate a knowledge-based economy, compete at the international
level, as well as maintain and improve the quality of life of European citizens. This
event brings together some of the most engaged scientists involved in drawing a
better future for European science. The meeting aims at achieving a balance
between evaluating the needs to address the current difficulties, and devising the
next steps, to reach the path to recovery.
–Federico Mayor Zaragoza
(Fundación Cultura de la Paz-Academia Europaea)
“Science: progress’ motor”
–Amaya Moro Martín
(Investigación digna-Carta por la ciencia-Euroscience)
“Science activism in Spain”
–Varvara Trachana
(Initiative of non-appointed Faculty Members of Greek Universities)
“The crisis of science in Greece”
– Francesco Sylos Labini
(Return on Academic Research – ROARS)
” Return on academic research ”
–José Manuel Fernández
(FJI Precarios-Carta por la ciencia)
“How should the scientific career look like?”
–José Mariano Gago
(Euroscience-Academia Europaea)
“The future of science in Europe”

The future of science in Europe”
Presented by: Gilles Mirambeau, Peter Tindemans (EuroScience)
Moderator: Michele Catanzaro (journalist, Ateneu Barcelonès)
CONTACTS M. Catanzaro

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