Happy BirthDay Ruth !


A meeting in honour of  Ruth Durrer’s birthday at the Département de Physique Théorique  (Geneva)


14h15 – 14h50: Roy Maartens (University of teh Western Cape, South Africa)

14h50 – 15h25: Francesco Sylos Labini (Enrico Fermi Center & ISC CNR, Italy)

15h25-16h: coffee and cakes

16h-16h35: Andrii Neronov (EPFL, Suisse)

16h35-17h10: Timon Boehm (ETH, Suisse)

17h10-17h45: Vitto Tansella (University of Geneva, Suisse)

17h45-18h05: Pedro Ferreria (University of Oxford, UK)



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